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Nutrition & Diabetes Counseling

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Bites About Me

My name is Alejandra Cordovez and I am a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Support and Education Specialist. I obtained my undergraduate degree at Florida International University and completed my dietetic internship at the UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco. After moving back to Miami, I acquired training and specialization from the Diabetes Research Institute at the University of Miami Health System. I have held other jobs within diabetes, specializing in training and education on insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring systems. 

The rates of all types of diabetes have been increasing over the years at alarming rates. After having worked for over 10 years in this area, I am convinced that people are not well educated on how to best manage their diabetes or even how they can prevent certain types of diabetes. I love working with clients and their families to help them understand their condition, learn how to nourish themselves for optimal health and blood glucose control, and incorporate new diabetes technology to make living with diabetes a bit less burdensome. 

At Take A Bite Nutrition I believe we all need to start taking small Bites- in whatever form that is for you - whether its actually trying some new foods, taking the steps necessary to work toward eating for better health, getting outdoors and being active, or taking the leap to really Self-Manage your diabetes. 

My goal at Take A Bite Nutrition is to educate and guide you and your family to becoming your best healthy self by: Helping you devise a plan for making family meals enjoyable, encourage your kids to try new and healthy foods so that later in life make an informed and educated decision about what they put in their bodies, and to adopt a healthy lifestyle not governed by dieting do's and don'ts. 

If you live with Diabetes, at Take a Bite Nutrition & Diabetes, my goal is to empower YOU to manage your diabetes. The expert in diabetes should be YOU since you make over 300 decisions about your diabetes self-management every day*. Whether you are coping with a new diabetes diagnosis or have been living with diabetes over 50 years, I will work together to devise a plan to improve your health and outcomes. 

* Howard Wolpert from The Forum:  https://theforum.sph.harvard.edu/